About Eileen Shahbazian

Many years of my art career were spent as a sculptor. About six years ago I made, through an inexplicable inner drive what I consider an important transition into photography and since then, this medium has become a burning passion. I am somewhat of a minimalist in my approach to everything; including photography therefore I see things with a distinct focus. I go on exploratory excursions to places that have captured me visually. Almost always, the camera travels with me and when something in the visual field strikes me on an intuitive and emotional level I am compelled to capture it. I can say that for the past six years I have been a keen observer of other great photographers’ works and they have inspired me to push past my own boundaries of the known. Beyond expectations of professionalism, I aspire to communicate a personal yet universal perspective that connects with the viewer on a deeper level. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to be on this special journey of exploration, learning and creative expression